From the newest issue of Built Magazine out of UK
Thanks to Tom Bing for shooting this cool little piece for the magazine,

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Luke Kozlowski said...

Don't know if you will ever see this comment, but ill go ahead with it anyways. My Name is Luke Kozlowski and I am a 20 year old college student in Colorado at Boulder. Bikes have always been a part of my family just as yours i have come to see. For the past few months i have come to notice that i've tried many things throughout my time here that nothing seems to suit me just right. My brain functions in a way that is not like most people and i do my best work physically and with my hands not mentally like all of my peers. All my life i spent tinkering around with bikes and it just seems natural to me to gravitate towards that way despite a parents wishes to "Live a successful and bountiful life", but in my opinion i could see me living that life doing exactly what you guys are doing. It upsets me so much due to family complications that i cannot ride while out here at school, due to the fact that my bike is being kept from me at home. And with my inability to buy another due to the fact that i am a piss poor college student, it makes times like these where i'm so caught up very difficult to wrap my head around things because i no longer have the freedom to just ride. So i ask to you, if there were any tips or suggestions that you could give a clueless 20 year old about the aspirations of following a career path such as yours, it would be well appreciated. You seem like an honest man living his best life who could give me very honestful helpful answers. Thank you very much if you take the time to read this is if you even see it